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Volt - CM12/CM13 Theme

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* YOU NEED A CM12/CM13 OR CM12/13 BASED ROM WITH THE NEW THEME ENGINE. This includes ROMS such as Euphoria, CM12S, CM12.1, Optipop, Blisspop, etc. Or a RRO compatible ROM. If you do not know what any of this means please refrain from installing *AboutNearly three months in the making, Volt is a revolutionary theme that aims to bring you not only a gorgeous theme but a whole new experience. Volt's gorgeous accented colors with dark backgrounds create the perfect contrast that make your device pop. As well as Volt's thin iconography and and thin font create a minimalist look that is sure to impress. Weekly updates will be provided, they will continue to add to the ever-growing themed apps list as well as introduce new color variants via Arcus.
SupportI am a developer that stands by my work and will try to make every one of my customers happy. If you ever have a problem or even an idea please do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my very best to resolve your issue and ensure your satisfaction. You can contact me at the bottom of the page where it says "Send Email", please make sure to include details on the problem and a screenshot if possible.
Polycon IconsPolycon icon pack is included in this theme and can be applied system wide, At the moment Google Now Launcher is having problems applying the icon pack and will not apply the icons until google or CM release a fix for this. Other launchers such as stock OEM, Nova, etc will apply just fine.
What's themed:* Setings* Dialer* Calculator* Google Play Music* SuperSU* Notifications* Dialogs* Fonts* Alarms* Notifications* Ringtone* Google Keyboard* System Wide Navigation Bar* Wallpapers* Quick Settings* Cyanogenmod Music* Cyanogenmod Theme Manager* Lots More....+ MORE COMING SOON
NotesYou can get the Sapphire and Ruby edition variants of this theme by installing an app called Arcus and opening it up. You can get the Arcus app by searching "Arcus" in the play store.